This was a collaborative identity project between 3 graphic designers and 3 interior designers. We were given a task to redesign a restaurant and retail space located in Denver, Colorado. Our assignment as a group was to begin by researching different cultures that we knew little or nothing about. Our group decided on the culture of Java, which is an island off the coast of Indonesia. Each team member researched different aspects of the culture including geography, religions, traditions, politics, food, clothing, and popular culture. After our research, we chose a color palette, sketched and finalized ideas for logos and word marks, and designed the restaurant collateral.

Inspiration photos
Color Palette

We selected our color palette from photos taken of Indonesia and Java. Our decisions for these colors were based on the idea that we wanted our restaurant and retail space to be warm and communal.

Type Treatment for Logo

We used the typeface Kepler for our word mark. We decided to tuck the words into the first letter of the restaurant and retail space to make it feel cozy to tie back into our communal concept.

For my marks, I decided to focus on the letter forms and language from Java. I chose to focus on the language and the letter forms from Java because I thought that they were beautiful and I knew that I would be able to make a mark that worked perfectly with the Javanese culture. I took some of the letters and worked to make them even more organic and natural than they already were. I also took certain parts of the letters and numbers to make my marks.

Final logo for the restaurant and retail space. This mark was chosen because the shape is very organic with a lot of dynamic movement. For my final Kopi mark, I decided to flip my Rumah mark upside down to make my Kopi mark. The mark upside down reflects a coffee cup and also gives a sense of steam and motion.

These posters for the restaurant are based off of batik patterns from Indonesia.

Letterhead, menu, envelope and business cards for Rumah and Kopi.